• Age-of-Kill-2015-Online-Watch-Free-Movie-HDRip-720P-

    Age of Kill (15) | Home Ents Review

    Gold! Always believe in your soul… After living up the 80s as new romantic teen idols, life after Spandau Ballet held much in store for its charismatic brothers, Gary and […]

  • First-Film-The

    The First Film (PG) | Close-Up Film Review

    In the late 1880s the movie industry was born and the race was on in Europe and America to be the first to produce a movie camera and the world’s first film.  When David Wilkinson […]

  • Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike XXL (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    This sequel to Stephen Soderbergh’s hit 2012 movie Magic Mike, which is produced by Soderbergh, returns to the story of male stripper Mike. Mike (Tatum) has now “gone straight” and is […]

  • Amy-Winehouse-Documentary-Trailer-Makes-Debut-FDRMX

    Amy (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    “It felt inevitable.” At the screening for Amy you could hear many people recounting the moment they found out that Amy Winehouse had died. “I think I’m going to cry” […]

  • Falstaff

    Falstaff: Chimes at Midnight (PG) | Home Ents Review

    Featuring key performances by Orson Welles wearing both his director and actor hats, Falstaff: Chimes at Midnight is a bona fide classic of old-school cinema. This film must be as […]

  • Going Bongo

    Going Bongo (12) | Home Ents Review

    On the 4th June at Cineworld, Haymarket, London, the premiere of Going Bongo took place. I could just say that this film was a heart-warming, romantic comedy, starring newcomer, Ernest […]

  • Història de la meva mort

    Story of My Death (Història de la meva mort) (15) | Home Ents Review

    A film in which Casanova meets Dracula? Are you kidding? How good does that sound? But this is no ‘ordinary’ leftfield erotic horror film as writer-director Albert Serra is a […]

  • M154 Ð (Left to right.) Minnie Driver and Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in Relativity MediaÕs  BEYOND THE LIGHTS.
Copyright © 2013 Blackbird Productions, LLC Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner

    Beyond the Lights (12) | Home Ents Review

    A not uncommon story – there are traces of Gypsy to be found – is made into something special by the performances of Minnie Driver as Macy Jean, the over-ambitious […]

  • a-letter-to-three-wives

    A Letter to Three Wives (U) | Home Ents Review

    Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz is best known for the 1950 enduring classic All About Eve, a cynical satire of fame and narcissism in Hollywood. Less biting but equally delightful, Mankiewicz […]

  • slow

    Slow West (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    John Maclean’s first feature film bears all the hallmarks of an established auteur; a headed-western set in an undetermined part of the North American landmass (one discarded pamphlet suggests the […]

  • Burying the Ex

    Burying the Ex (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Joe Dante is back, offering more of his macabre inspections into being young and in love; Anton Yelchin and Alexandra Daddario play like a modern take on Zach Galligan and […]

  • dead

    ‘Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 years of Grateful Dead’

    Concert to feature original four members of the Grateful Dead – Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir – Performing together for the final time – Plus special […]

  • overnight

    The Overnight (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    A small, easily-digestible treatise on marriage, sex and relationships in the 21st Century, The Overnight is an offbeat experience that is by no means for everyone. The wheelhouse is one […]

  • Everyone-s-Going-to-die-featured

    Everyone’s Going To Die (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Debuting at the famous American cultural event in Texas, South By Southwest or SXSW in 2013, Everyone’s Going To Die finally receives a theatrical release in the UK. This directorial […]

  • Fellini-Satyricon

    Fellini-Satyricon (18) | Home Ents Review

    How does one go about reviewing a film which is already an acknowledged classic, and one that will be 50 years old in a few years’ time? Should one just […]

  • The-Train

    The Train (PG) | Home Ents Review

    Climb up on the footplate. Feel the heat of the furnace and the steam from the boiler. You’ll have coal grit in your eyes and your face and hair will […]

  • Forty Guns

    Forty Guns (PG) | Home Ents Review

    Themes of ageing and obsolescence abound in this classic 1957 Western from writer/director Samuel Fuller. Riding into town in search of a bounty, U.S. Marshall Griff Bonnell (Barry Sullivan) encounters […]

  • cantcomeouttoplay_20150619_2047x1365

    Can’t Come Out to Play (15) | Home Ents Review

    This poorly paced thriller, which has obviously sat on the shelf for two years, sees Maryann (the excellent Natasha Calis from The Possession) move in with her grandparents after the […]

  • society16

    Society (18) | Home Ents Review

    Gooey, Sticky, Wet. I have vivid teenage memories of Brian Yuzna’s debut on its original 1989 video release. In its long awaited re-issue, Arrow Film have spoiled fans of this […]

  • Where the Buffalo Roam

    Where the Buffalo Roam (18) | Home Ents Review

    Unfortunately, the youth of today mostly don’t know that counterculture hero Hunter S Thompson wasn’t just fictionalised on screen by Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp; although I’m sure those of interest would be […]

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