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A taut, engaging thriller from Roger Donaldson, director of The Bank Job and The World’s Fastest Indian, Justice details the consequences of vengeance. Particularly if, like Nicolas Cage here, you’re trapped in a Hitchcockian suspenser. Following the brutal rape of his wife (January Jones), Nic turns to mystery man Guy Pearce for justice, unaware that the favour he’ll be asked in return will plunge him into a life-smashing maelstrom of conspiracy, betrayal and desperate self-defence. Rent it now on Blu-ray and DVD, in store and online, exclusively from

The Awakening

A haunting period horror starring the gifted and adorable Rebecca Hall, The Awakening tells the nerve-jangling tale of a hoax exposer confronted by things that go bump in the night. Set in a creepy, remote boarding school where the ghost of a child is said to be menacing the students, it’s a twisty-turny, jumpy, chiller thriller full of shocks and surprises. Strongly reminiscent of current chart-topper The Woman in Black, it’s distinguished by ravishing 1920’s stylings and great performances all around, from Hall and co-stars Dominic West and Imelda Staunton. Rent it now on Blu-ray and DVD, in store and online, exclusively from

The Rum Diary

From writer/director Bruce Robinson, of Withnail & I fame, comes this appropriately eccentric adaptation of Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-autobiographical tale of self-discovery in Sixties’ San Juan. Back in ’98 Johnny Depp played an amplified version of Thompson in Terry Gilliam’s hallucinatory Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and here he returns to the character, actually a younger version despite the actor’s advancing age, for a look at Hunter’s booze-fuelled formative years. On the loose in Puerto Rico, rubbing shoulders with wealthy rotters (Aaron Eckhart) and penniless scumbags (Michael Rispoli, Giovanni Ribisi) alike, Depp’s character stumbles from incident to accident to rum-soaked happening in this acerbic, eccentric, character-rich comedy. Buy or rent it now on Blu-ray and DVD, in store and online from


A tale of clashing titans with the vibe and visuals of the mighty 300, Greece is the word – Ancient that is – in this mythic, sweeping sword-and-sandaler with impeccably-pectoral heroes, ghastly, scarred villains, slow-motion blood spurts and supermodelled gods a-plenty. A dreamlike, near-surreal, big screen spectacle from director Tarsem Singh, whose earlier films – The Cell and The Fall – revealed his love of heavily stylised visuals above all else, Immortals is a vast improvement over those earlier efforts in that it tells a simpler story in a brisker fashion, has plenty of action to keep us interested and, earnest though it is, remains a good, fun watch. The tale of a vengeful King (lustily played by Mickey Rourke to the nth degree) who plans to unleash the Titans (men not monsters) and kill the Gods, Immortals follows the heroes’ journey of the largely shirtless Theseus (future Superman Henry Cavill). A heady brew of death and destiny with escalating action sequences and a pinch of shagging, Immortals certainly entertains. And although it’s not available to rent at LOVEFiLM or any other online rental service but ours, you can rent it here and now, on Blu-ray and DVD, in store and online from


A terrifying procedural thriller detailing the impact a deadly new disease would have on the world, Contagion offers a modern take on the star-studded disaster flick, courtesy of stylish Steven Soderbergh. From initial outbreak and raging pandemic to rising panic and the inevitable breakdown of society, the movie details the increasingly desperate endeavours of various health organisations to find, manufacture and distribute a cure. Authentic and unsettling, it’s an international tale told with a massive cast, from Gwyneth Paltrow (startled patient zero), Matt Damon (stoic survivor) and  Jude Law (conspiracy nut), to Marion Cotillard (doctor), Jennifer Ehle (scientist) and Kate Winslet (world health official), and they all do a very good job. Rent the Blu-ray and DVD right now, exclusively from your local Blockbuster store. Online subscribers can print off this voucher and rent it in store.


From Roland Emmerich, a director best known for such high concept disaster films as Independence Day, Godzilla and 2012, comes a film about… Shakespeare. Much like his previous work, what Anonymous lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for with spectacle. A costume thriller with a political backdrop, it stars the likes of Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave and David Thewlis, and dares to suggest that William Shakespeare was a fraud. A sumptuous treat for crackpot conspiracy theorists, then, plus it gives the world a brief respite from being destroyed by Emmerich. Rent the Blu-ray and DVD right now, exclusively from your local Blockbuster store. Online subscribers can print off this voucher and rent it in store.

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