Nintendo And Aardman Release Behind The Scenes Making Of Video

Find out how the Shaun the Sheep 3D episodes were created in exclusive new footage released today!


As part of an exciting recent partnership, Nintendo teamed up with the award-winning Aardman Animations, the company behind Wallace and Gromit and  Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. In a creative first for both parties exclusive animated 3D clips starring affable farmyard favorite Shaun the Sheep have been made available through SpotPass to European Nintendo 3DS owners.

The process behind the making of the clips has been recorded in a special 2D documentary entitled Raising the Baaaaa! which charts Shaun’s journey from concept, to schedule board, to story board, to model and finally to a 3D episode on your Nintendo 3DS.

The behind-the-scenes video, launched today, shows the incredible amount of detail used for each Aardman character and why the process Aardman uses to film Shaun the Sheep lends its self so well to the 3-Dimensional visuals of the Nintendo 3DS. The clip also explores how each specific character is made and shows a sneak-peek of an upcoming episode where Shaun parodies a famous character from Nintendo.

As part of the Nintendo and Aardman venture the Aardman model makers have even made a Mini replica Nintendo 3DS especially for Shaun! The perfect to-scale console showcases the skill and attention to detail that goes into making each episode.

The exclusive Raising the Baaaaa! documentary is available to view for free via and you can also follow Shaun and his farmyard friends through 15 free 3D clips exclusive to Nintendo 3DS – the fourth installment in the series has been released this week on SpotPass and can be viewed using Nintendo Video.

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