Amar, Akbar and Tony released nationwide on April 17th.

Amar, Akbar and Tony will be released nationwide on April 17th.

British actors have been fleeing the country in search of diversity in film and TV, finally a film sharing London’s beautiful melting pot is about the hit cinemas nationwide.

Many actors like David Harewood and Lenny Henry have openly shared their disgruntled thoughts on the lack of diversity in Britain’s TV and film. These thoughts have been duplicated by the media, including the Telegraph, the Guardian, Screen Daily and the Daily Mail, who all urge the UK’s entertainment industry to create more roles that are a true replica of our diverse Britain. Along comes Amar, Akbar and Tony… the new British comedy that is not afraid to ignore stereotypes and share the diversity everyone has been crying out for. The lead in this film Rez Kempton plays a British, turban wearing Sikh, Amar, which is a first in British film. Martin Delaney plays the title role of Tony, who comes from a different background and religion. Akbar played by Sam Vincenti makes up the trio, all have been brought up in London, thus sharing real reflection of modern day London.

The film explores the predicaments that face its lead trio – Amar (Rez Kempton) is a Sikh whose promising career gets derailed, Tony an Irish Catholic (Martin Delaney) is in love with the wrong woman, while Akbar (Sam Vincenti) a Muslim, is an ambitious charmer with the gift of the gab and all belong to the multicultural Britain of the present. Interracial relationships, strong female leads, surprise storylines and not one arranged marriage in sight, ensure this film is a real reflection of modern Britain. This British independent films cast offers a mix of familiar faces and some of the coolest up and coming talent in the UK including Karen David (ABC’s Galavant), Laura Aikman (Waterloo Road), Goldy Notay (Sex in the City II), Ace Bhatti (Eastenders), Mark Moraghan (Holby City), Tanveer Ghani (Trial and Retribution), Meera Syal (Goodness Gracious Me) and Nina Wadia (Eastenders)

Martin is no stranger to TV and has an impressive list of credits to his name, including starring in Family Affairs for 3 years, New Zealand’s Shortland Street, Casualty, Robin Hood, the BAFTA winning comedy Him & Her and Two Pints of Lager. On the big screen Martin has enjoyed roles in Flags of Our Fathers, directed by Clint Eastwood, the Oscar winning Zero Dark Thirty and more. Now he is filming the Bonded by Blood 2 and is about to release his directorial debut Queens Mile. Martin has also just been cast in the new Hollywood feature Now You See Me, the second act alongside Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliffe.

Rez has an equally commendable acting portfolio, including Merchant Ivory’s film The Mystic Masseur, BBC’s Spooks, BAFTA winner Bart Layton’s Banged Up Abroad, John Sullivan’s Roger Roger, Lee Evans’ So What Now? and Channel 4’s critically acclaimed Adha Cup. His film career has included award-winning films like Sharp Cookies, The Mel and Wendi House, UMAR and the hit family comedy Hari Puttar. Rez also stars in the upcoming movie Monsoon Tide.

Amar, Akbar and Tony will be released nationwide on April 17th.


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