First trailer lands for Joe Dante’s horror comedy Burying The Ex


The first trailer has appeared online for Joe Dante’s horror comedy, Burying The Ex, in which Anton Yelchin learns that some relationships just refuse to stay dead and buried.

Yelchin is happily dating Ashley Greene until he decides to ask her to move in, and realises that they’re not such a great match after all. Torn between giving up a great sex life and having to live with someone he’s beginning to hate, it seems as though Yelchin’s decision is made for him when his other half is hit by a bus. That is until she comes back from the dead, of course…

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Co-starring Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper, Burying The Ex will open in the UK and US later this year, with an exact release date to be confirmed.

Dave Smith

Author: Dave Smith

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