Multi-optional action thriller Late Shift shoots impressive action sequences in London


In its fifth week of principal photography, director Tobias Weber has just finished shooting the main action scenes of his feature debut Late Shift. The film is the world’s first interactive film., an action thriller, featuring up-and-coming British actor Joe Sowerbutts, Anglo-Japanese actress Haruka Abe, established British actor Richard Durden as well as Swiss actor Joel Basman, who won the German film award for best supporting actor last week.

Late Shift tells the story of Matt, a math student with a distinct compulsion for optimisation, who reluctantly becomes an accomplice in the robbery of a valuable Chinese artefact. On his way out of the hair raising situation he is constantly confronted with difficult choices. To regain control over his life and in order to uncover the depths of the crime, he has to make the right choices.

The film project is based on an entirely new technology called CtrlMovie, which allows the viewer to take game-changing decisions on behalf of Matt, the protagonist, in real-time, whilst the film keeps its cinematic quality. The format works both for interactive consumption on a TV or tablet and for participatory screenings in cinemas and at festivals. Late Shift is a UK-Swiss coproduction, which involves private investors as well as contributions by Swiss public broadcaster SRG. The film is also financed through partnerships and product placement with German car manufacturer BMW.


With the shooting of extremely demanding action sequences, the production team has experienced its hardest few days so far. Director Tobias Weber explains: “We decided to shoot the car explosion scene after five weeks of shooting to make sure the entire crew was solid and experienced enough and ready for such a challenge. Late Shift is mostly being shot at night, forcing the whole team to sleep just a few hours every day.” Main protagonist Joe Sowerbutts confirms: “These action sequences have been the most challenging moment in the project so far. For an actor, the CtrlMovie multi-optional technology adds the extra difficulty of having to play multiple scenes to match each storyline. This is certainly a little crazy, but also very rewarding.”

Late Shift will be shooting until mid-July. The film will be released at festivals, in cinemas and on tablet and smartphone towards the end of the year.


Author: cfwebmaster

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