Teaser Trailer For The Devil’s Woods

The Devils Woods

The Devil’s Woods is the first feature film from writer/director Anthony White. Visceral and violent, this independent film is a homage to the Italian horror films of the 1970’s from director Mario Bava and classics such as The Wicker Man. What starts off as a road movie the film quickly descends into a nightmare for our four main characters. Their planned weekend of fun, sex and rock ’n roll takes a turn for the worst when they travel through a small rural town.

Starring Stephen Cromwell who has appeared in the TV show Love/Hate, last years’ hit film From The Dark and is currently seen regularly on Irish television on the show Red Rock. The film also features great performances by Danielle Keaney, Daniel Mahony, Caoimhe Cassidy, Eoin Quinn and Aoife King.


A group of friends trying to repair their strained relationships decide to go on a road trip. En route they stop off at a small town in the middle of rural Ireland. However, this seemingly idyllic country town is darkened by a history of strange events. Can a town that is inherently evil literally tear them apart? Can they survive…. The Devil’s Woods.

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