George Lucas is the ideal director for Episode IX, according to this petition


Not everyone is happy with the choice of director for the yet-unnamed Star Wars: Episode IX. Some fans are asking Disney to replace Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) with the saga’s original creator, George Lucas. The petition currently sits at roughly 17,000 signatures, with 25,000 as its next target.

Before you worry about a hypothetical “Star Wars: Episode IX – Binks Lives,” keep in mind there’s about zero percent chance this will happen. Lucas wasn’t strong armed out of ownership by a bullying cartoon mouse and JJ Abrams (the latter of which has nothing to do with Episode IX anyway); he sold the rights in a contractual business deal. As he said in November, “I will go my way, and I’ll let them go their way.” This isn’t exactly a new situation for Lucas either, considering he didn’t direct The Empire Strikes Back nor Return of the Jedi.

But let’s entertain this notion just a little bit. After all, we very nearly complimented the prequels, noting that Lucas (almost) wrote a great story. Assuming it could happen and having seen the Disney approach, would you want to see Lucas in the director’s chair for the final chapter of the new trilogy?

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