MORNING AFTER A Funny and Provocative New Drama


Flirt Films announces the production of Morning After, a bold and playful coming of age drama helmed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica. Starring five bright rising actors, Zoé de Grand Maison (Orphan Black), Thomas Vallières (Tactik), Cristina Rosato (The Art of More), Luca Asselin (Starbuck), and Kristian Hodko (The Howling: Reborn) who also wrote the script, this movie will be shot in the trendy neighborhood Plateau/Mile-End in Montreal, Canada this Summer.

Morning After is about five friends who spend the night together playing a sensual game involving chocolate and French kissing, which slowly reveals and exposes each one’s inner desires.


“This story is for the people in our world that exist somewhere in-between the LGBTQ lines. Who live in the grey zone of sexuality. Morning After encourages us to stay open to new experiences and to let those experiences transform us”, says writer Kristian Hodko.

Morning After is entertaining and emotional. It presents an incredible opportunity to bring understanding and raise awareness around sexual identity issues in society.

“My intention with Morning After is to tell a story that speaks to the millions of youth in our world that deal with the pressures of defining their sexual identity. This is a film that gives people permission not to define themselves with specific labels, that it is okay to be sexually fluid”, says director Patricia Chica.

Today with everyone more curious about sexual diversity, a modern youth culture is emerging that is hungry for cinematic themes that represent themjust as they are. Morning After gives voice to an under-served audience craving characters and stories that reflect their own unique experience.

A universal narrative, Morning After depicts an emotional journey which speaks to the now. It’s highly contemporary theme will grow more relevant with a general audience whose awareness of LGBTQ issues continues to evolve.

Filmmaker Patricia Chica and her team are currently running a playfully experiential Indiegogo Campaign in the spirit of the movie, with all money raised going to production and post-production costs.

In exchange for pledging, backers can win a variety of titillating rewards including: a date with the actors and director, a VIP invitation to the film premiere, and even the possibility to go to bed with the cast, amongst other tantalizing benefits.

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact Patricia Chica at

Morning After is directed and produced by Patricia Chica. Cinematographer:Martin Bouchard; executive producer: Marc Carle; co-executive producer:Tariq Rahman; talent producer: Kristian Hodko; associate producer / digital marketing: Icare Duplessy ( Veteran producer Byron A. Martincompletes the team.


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