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Code of Honour

ROBERT SIKES and WILLIAM PORTER served together in the US Special Forces in the Middle East. Both were exceptional soldiers, but Sikes went MIA after he received word that his wife and young son were innocent victims of a gangland drive-by shooting. He returns home and massacres a large group of drug dealers who are meeting late at night. DETECTIVE PETERSON is investigating the crime scene when he spots movement on a rooftop, and finds Porter inspecting a discarded cigarette butt. He informs Peterson of who they are dealing with.

The next day, a stripper named KERI leaves a strip club just before Sikes blows it up, along with the gangsters and other filth inside. The local crime boss, ROMANO, sends two goons to watch the place, and they encounter Porter, who kills them with large military hunting knives. The mob is now on to Porter, and thinks he is the vigilante. Porter finds Keri, and she and her son COREY hide out in his dingy motel room. He tells her about Sikes’ murdered wife and son, and when she notices the picture of Porter’s wife and son on the nightstand, he admits that war messed with his head, and his family left when he couldn’t stay away from the bottle and women. Sikes makes contact with Porter, and tells him to meet him at a club owned by Romano. When Porter sits down at the club, Sikes is not visible on camera, but Romano’s men recognize Porter on the security cameras. Sikes tells Porter that he has rigged his chair to explode if he stands up, and he retreats, knowing Porter won’t shoot him if it means Sikes will release the trigger on the bomb and hurt innocent civilians.

After Sikes escapes, Romano’s men attack Porter, who has to fight them from the chair. He kills them all, but Romano is about to shoot him when the cops burst in and arrest Romano. Later, as he is being transported to jail, Sikes blows Romano’s head off with a sniper rifle. Porter calls Peterson, and says that Sikes’ next target is the mayor. Peterson considers the evidence, as well as military records, and concludes that Porter and Sikes are the same person, and that “Porter” has been playing all of them. He is the vigilante. They locate the mayor at a seedy hotel through his mistress’ credit card records, and rush to the scene.

A mysterious figure has already killed the mayor and his mistress, and when he makes his way to the roof, Porter is holding a gun on him. The mysterious figure is revealed to be Sikes, so they really are two different people. He thanks Porter for killing half of the mob for him, and says that his work is done. He’s moving on to the next city that needs to be purged of corruption. They fight, crashing through the roof to the boiler room. The police and FBI are outside in a helicopter, and Porter pushes Sikes to the window, where the FBI shoots him repeatedly. The detonator in Sikes’ hand goes off, blowing the room and charring his body beyond recognition. While Peterson and the FBI believe that they got the one man on the scene, Keri knows that they got the bad one, while her savior escaped.

Starring Steven Seagal with Craig Sheffer (One Tree Hill), Louis Mandylor(My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Helena Mattsson (Keri Green), James Russo (Beverly Hills Cop), Rafael Petardi (Two Broke Girls) and R.D. Call (Into the Wild).

Code of Honour is out in the UK on Monday.

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