Indiana Jones 5 to shoot in the UK next year

Steven Spielberg has been in the UK over the past few days, just as Ready Player One is making its way towards cinemas. The bearded one was picking up a gong from out bitter rivals at Empire yesterday too, and on stage, he confirmed that he has another trip to the UK planned: he’ll definitely be filming Indiana Jones 5 here next year.

“It’s always worth the trip when I get to work with this deep bench of talent coming out of the UK”, he said. “The actors, and the crew, the chippies, the sparks, the drivers … everybody who has helped me make my movies here, and will continue helping me make my movies here when I come back in April 2019 to make the fifth Indiana Jones movie right here”.

Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for the summer of 2020, and it’s up in the air if Spielberg will shoot another movie before then at the moment. The new issue of Empire goes on sale this week. We continue to challenge the folks of that particular organ to a dust-up in the car park of our local supermarket. They have promised to bring a trident…


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