Carnaby International unveils a diverse slate of new genre films

Carnaby International unveils a diverse slate of new genre films ahead of Cannes Film Festival 2018, featuring adventure thriller The Boat, superhero action hero vehicle Valentine and extreme survival drama Summit Fever.

In The Boat, a lone fisherman, lost in the deep mist, boards an abandoned sailboat. Finding no signs of life, he emerges back on deck only to discover his own boat has disappeared. What follows is a nightmarish journey in which he becomes imprisoned inside as the boat presses on into unknown waters.
A father and son collaboration produced and written by Winston and Joe Azzopardi, The Boat sees Winston Azzopardi direct his son Joe in this solo voyage of survival. The film is completed and will be screened to buyers in Cannes.

Valentine is a Superhero Action vehicle billed as ‘Kick Ass in Indonesia’ directed by Agus Pestol & Ubay Fox. The film stars Estelle Linden (Best Friends Forever, Mia) in the lead role who shows off her truly kick-ass martial art skills as well as Matthew Settle (Band of Brothers, Gossip Girl).

The story takes place in the beautiful city of Batavia, which has been infested with robbery and violence. When ‘Srimaya’, a café waitress meets a film director and his friend, they take her on a dangerous adventure full of thrilling action as a local vigilante, transforming her from an ordinary girl into a Batavia City heroine of hope – ‘Valentine’.

Starring Freddie Thorp (Overdrive), Summit Fever began production in January 2018 and will continue to shoot this summer. It tells the story of a young English mountaineer who is lured to the Alps by his friend to help him conquer the ‘Big Three’ – the Matterhorn, the Eiger, and Mont Blanc over one summer. Despite witnessing numerous fatal accidents while ascending the first two peaks, they persevere onto the final climb, unaware of a deadly storm brewing on the other side of the mountain. Shot at altitude in 4K by director and climbing enthusiast Julian Gilbey (A Lonely Place to Die), Summit Fever is a stomach-churning story of extreme survival. The script is being introduced to buyers at the market as further casting continues.

President, International & Production at Carnaby International, Tim Grohne said, “We are delighted to be able to include such a diverse range of European and International genre films on our slate this year, working with both emerging and established talent alike.”

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