‘Path of Blood’ available on DVD 10th December

Path of Blood will be released on DVD on the 10th December. This critically acclaimed documentary is not a film for the faint of heart, it may not be the horrific actions that terrify you the most but the callousness with which they discuss them beforehand. Take a look at the trailer to get a brief idea of why the moments of suicide bombers preparation and training may hit even harder than watching the terrible violence that follows.


Deep in the Saudi desert, young thrill-seekers at jihadi boot camp sign up to a plot to overthrow the Saudi government. They detonate three horrific car bombs at Western compounds in downtown Riyadh and become embroiled in a nail-biting game of cat and mouse with government forces. As their plans unravel, they resort to ever more brutal tactics.

Exposing the dark side of the human soul, PATH OF BLOOD reveals Al Qaeda as you’ve never seen it before. Using a treasure trove of Al Qaeda home-movie footage captured by the security services, this haunting documentary film shows how brainwashed idealism and the youthful pursuit of adventure can descend into madness and carnage.

Adopting a strictly objective approach, the film doesn’t editorialize and contains no interviews or “talking heads” commentary.  Full context and in-depth analysis is available in the book of the same name, published by Simon and Schuster.

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