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Articles Posted in the " Rom Com " Category

  • Endless Love (12A) Film Review

    Billed as a romcom, Endless Love has lots of romance but very little comedy. On release on Valentine’s Day, I guess it hopes to attract the young romantically inclined who are out on a date. And it may well succeed. Certainly the two leads are beautiful to watch – both of them!

  • Not Another Happy Ending (12A) Home Entertainment Review

    As much as I appreciate the democratisation of film-making, I can’t deny that a small part of my heart sinks when I hear that a something I’m about to watch has been crowdfunded. Call me a cynic, but sometimes the big boys know best and sadly, Not Another Happy Ending goes to prove just that.

  • Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (12) | DVD Review

    Dir. Hong Sangsoo, South Korea, 2012, 87 mins, in Korean with subtitles  Cast: Jung Eunchae, Lee Sunkyun, Jaok Kim Review by Colin Dibben  Korean mumblecore, anyone? This quirky, bittersweet (anti-) romcom, told in a fascinating style that suggests the structure of dreams, is the new film from the director of The Day a Pig Fell […]

  • Enough Said (12A) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. Nicole Holofcener, USA, 92mins, 2013 Cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Colette Review by Matthew Rodgers Even with the sombre, must-see melancholia hanging over the release of James Gandolfini’s final feature, Enough Said does enough to transcend that sad fact, and emerge as one of the most genuinely delightful cinematic experiences of […]

  • Your Sister’s Sister (15) | Close-Up Film DVD Review

    Dir. Lynn Shelton, US, 2011, 91 mins Cast: Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, Rosemarie DeWitt  Review by Maria Sell  Mark Duplass' and Emily Blunt's stars are certainly on the rise with both having two projects simultaneously out on release. Aside from co-starring in Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister, Duplass co-directed (with his brother Jay) Jeff, Who […]

  • Ruby Sparks (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Ruby Sparks (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dirs. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, US, 2012, 104 mins Cast: Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Annette Bening, Antonio Banderas, Elliott Gould, Steve Coogan, Chris Messina  Review by Jean Lynch  Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine the kind of prodigious literary success on the scale of Catcher in the Rye, a cult bestseller that you’ve spent […]

  • The Decoy Bride (12A) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. Sheree Folkson UK, 2011, Dur. 89 mins Cast: David Tennant, Alice Eve, Kelly Macdonald Review by Carlie Newman   While ostensibly a romcom - and it is romantic - there is not a lot of comedy in this film. In fact it is very disappointing, given that the pedigree of the leading actors. Tennant […]

  • Wanderlust (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. David Wain, USA, 2012, 98 mins Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Alan Alda, Justin Theroux Review by Carlie Newman There are two reasons to welcome this film: first Jennifer Aniston stars in a good film for once and secondly this is a rom-com that is actually funny. When we first meet Linda (Aniston) and […]

  • How to Stop Being a Loser (15) | Close-Up Film Review – On DVD from 6th February

    How to Stop Being a Loser (15) | Close-Up Film Review – On DVD from 6th February

    Dir. Dominic Burns, UK, 2011, 109 mins  Cast: Simon Phillips, Craig Conway, Gemma Atkinson, Stephanie Leonidas, Colin Salmon, Richard E. Grant, Martin Kemp  Review by Andy Stanton  You’ve seen the advert, right? Well, suppose the ‘girl on the platform’ didn’t take too kindly to being serenaded by some drippy hippy with a guitar, that […]

  • Friends with Benefits (15) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. Will Gluck , USA , 2011, 109 mins Cast:   Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake Review by Carol Allen The idea of two friends of the opposite sex trying to keep their relationship strictly physical with no emotional ties was done earlier this year by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached .   Even if you didn’t see that one, this is a […]

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