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  • In Secret (15) Film Review

    Consumed as the 1867 novel, Therese Raquin by Emile Zola, and then on the Parisian boardwalks in 1873, this story of all consumptive passion would have been an intimately gripping tale of unravelling deceit, complemented by the readers imagination or the confines of the stage.

  • An Inspector Calls (PG) Home Entertainment Review

    The film is based on JB Priestley’s 1945 play of the same name and this shows in the opening scenes of the slightly stagey central Birley family of Brumley enjoying a dinner celebrating the engagement of the daughter of the house to a nice chap from a good family who has bought her the large ring she wanted. Then our inspector calls.

  • The Informant (Gibraltar) (15) Film Review

    Inspired by real events that took place in the eighties, Julien Leclercq’s drug thriller, The Informant sets off to promise all the nail-biting tension a film of this genre can offer. Co-produced by Adrian Politowski and written by award-winning Abdel Raouf Dafri , the film is based on Marc Fievet’s autobiographical novel.

  • Plastic (15) Film Review

    Plastic is a heist comedy that ends up being surprisingly violent. But the winning moves in the film are geographical: from some drab Thames Valley HE college to Miami and back to the tonier parts of London; focusing on the way the different environments affect the well-drawn characters.

  • Violent Saturday (PG) Home Entertainment Review

    Violent Saturday is one of those slightly fascistic Eisenhower Years films that gets under your skin, for the simple reason that it is so damn good looking. This hi-def restoration really puts the CinemaScope effect back into the film – making a tawdry crime melodrama look like something much more potent.

  • The Raid 2 (18) Film Review

    In 2011 a Welsh director took the unusual step of taking a foreign language martial arts blend action film into mainstream cinema. That incredible film in question was The Raid : Redemption. Now Gareth Evans brings back the fighting discipline pencak silat and the Indonesian setting of Jakarta for the sequel.

  • Easy Money 2: Hard to Kill (Snabba cash 2) (15) Home Entertainment Review

    It’s only a year since compelling, gritty Nordic Noir hit Easy Money beached up on our shores, but the sequel – set three years after events in the first movie – is here already. It’s an even more lugubrious affair, but the signature intertwining stories, radical inter-cutting between story strands, multi-cultural characters and down beat tone are all very much in evidence.

  • Muppets Most Wanted (U) Film Review

    Everyone likes The Muppets, right? They’re communists after all (according to Fox News anyway): how can you not doff your cap to dead puppets on leave? Perhaps to reflect the manic and tortured history of international socialism, with all its intrigues, agent provocateurs and tyrannies

  • Salvo (12A) Film Review

    Salvo (Grassadonia) is a killing machine, a solitary, cold and ruthless killer for the Sicilian mafia. When he breaks into a house to eliminate someone who has organized a hit on Salvo’s boss, he comes across Rita (Serraiocco), a young blind girl.

  • Need for Speed (12A) Film Review

    The most suitable choice of vehicle for reviewing this bubblegum pop of a movie would be a shiny, suped-up, twin-exhaust, bandwagon. The makers are clearly jumping on a couple of them by bringing this videogame adaptation to the big screen; with Fast and Furious making an annual dent in the worldwide box office receipts