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  • Still the Enemy Within (15)

    Dir. Owen Gower, UK, 2014, 112 mins Review by Carlie Newman Referred to in the film Will and Testament: Tony Benn and fictionalised in Pride, Still the Enemy Within is a documentary on the miners’ strike of 1984-5. This is the miners’ view of what happened and why and how the communities dealt with it […]

  • Tony Benn: Will and Testament (12A) Film Review

    Dir. Skip Kite, UK 2014, 90 mins Review by Carlie Newman Unusually Tony Benn is one of the few people – especially politicians – who became more left-wing as he grew older. As one of those quoted says in the film Will and Testament “He immatures with age.” In this documentary we are shown Benn’s […]

  • Salome & Wilde Salome (15) | Film Review | One Night Only, 21st Sept

    Al Pacino and Oscar Wilde may seem like uneasy bedfellows, but as he makes clear in this long-gestating double feature, Pacino has been obsessed by Wilde’s transgressive stage play since seeing Steven Berkhoff’s slow-mo version of Salomé in London in 1988. These two films are a record of where that obsession took Pacino.

  • 20,000 Days on Earth (15) | Film Review

    Taking us through a fictional 24 hours in the life of musician singer, writer, actor, author and general talent botherer Nick Cave, 20,000 Days on Earth gives us a generous, but carefully scripted and presented, insight into the man, his methods and his magic. And art and life and truth and stuff.

  • A Dangerous Game (PG) Film Review

    Dir. Anthony Baxter,UK, 2014, 102 mins Cast: Michael Forbes, Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Review by Catherine A. Ross Anthony Baxter revisits the subject of billionaire bully boys and their unrelenting obsession with golf in this higher budget follow-up to 2011’s much-lauded You’ve Been Trumped. In 2011, nobody knew who Michael Forbes […]

  • NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage (E) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Jeremy Whelehan, US, 2014, 97 mins Cast: Kevin Spacey, Maureen Anderman, Stephen Lee Review by Dave Smith At first glance, a film about taking the play Richard III  around the world might seem like something only theatre enthusiasts or the actor’s fans would see. But NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage is a broadly appealing […]

  • I Am Divine (15) Film Review

    Subtitled ‘the true story of the most beautiful woman in the world’, Jeffrey Schwarz’ documentary celebrates the terrifying and triumphant force of cinema, stage and song that was drag queen Divine. It also tells a little of the story of Harris Glenn Milstead, the man inside the giant glamour goddess. And it tells the story of the time.

  • Pulp: A Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets (12A)

    Dir: Florian Habicht, UK, 2014, 89 mins Cast: Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Richard Hawley, Steve Mackey, Mark Webber, the people of Sheffield Review by Esther Sadler In 2012, Pulp performed a final triumphant concert in their hometown Sheffield and this becomes the centre of a documentary which is equally about the band and […]

  • The Square (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Jehane Noujaim, Egypt, 2013, 104 mins, in Arabic with subtitles Cast: Ahmed Hassan, Khalid Abdalla, Magdy Ashour, Ramy Essam  Review by Marianne Gray The Square, nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2014 Academy Awards, is an intimate documentary which shows the anatomy of a revolution of a country on hold, Egypt. Beautifully shot with […]