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Articles Posted in the " Documentary " Category

  • Dancing in Jaffa (PG) Film Review

    Dir. Hilla Medalia, US, 2013, 90 mins, in English/Arabic/Hebrew with subtitles Cast: Pierre Dulaine, Yvonne Marceau, Alaa Bubali, Lois Dana, Noor Gabai Review by Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark Dancing in Jaffa is a rare opportunity beautifully captured on the big screen, as we are drawn into a dream of attempting to bridge an impossible gap. With […]

  • The Last of the Unjust (Le dernier des injustes) (12A) Film Review

    Dir. Claude Lanzmann, France/ Austria, 2013, 218 mins, in French and German with subtitles Cast: Benjamin Murmelstein, Claude Lanzmann Review by Colin Dibben The Last of the Unjust is essential viewing – the perfect companion piece to Claude Lanzmann’s epic Shoah, which is often cited as the greatest documentary film of all time. The Last […]

  • Erebus: Into the Unknown (12A) Film Review

    Dir. Peter Berger and Charlotte Purdy, New Zealand, 2014, 69 mins Cast: Niamh Peren, Paul Hallett Review by Adalean Coade ‘Erebus: Into the Unknown’ is a fascinating look at the legacy of Air New Zealand Flight 901. The film explores the shocking crash, the incredibly difficult rescue mission, and the complex question of who was […]

  • National Gallery (12A) Film Review

    Dir: Frederick Wiseman, USA, 2014, 181 minutes Review by Leilani Holmes The National Gallery fully frames one entire side of London's Living Room (Trafalgar Square) and its physical position there as much as its position as one of the foremost art collections in the world is how we enter this extraordinary film where American director […]

  • We Are The Giant (15) Film Review

    Dir. Greg Barker, US/UK, 2014, 93 mins Review by Daniel Woburn The main thing you should know about We Are the Giant is that it is one of the most socially important films created since cameras were invented. The outward potential of film itself to captivate, educate and inspire has arguably never been on display […]

  • Journey To Le Mans (PG)

    Dir. Charlotte Fantelli, UK, 2014, 96 mins Cast: Patrick Stewart (Narrator), Simon Dolan, Marc Gené, Harry Tincknell  Review by Daniel Woburn 2010’s Senna took a haunting look at ambition in a dangerous field and its inevitable consequences which came to a head with the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994 at the San Marino Grand […]

  • Still the Enemy Within (15)

    Dir. Owen Gower, UK, 2014, 112 mins Review by Carlie Newman Referred to in the film Will and Testament: Tony Benn and fictionalised in Pride, Still the Enemy Within is a documentary on the miners’ strike of 1984-5. This is the miners’ view of what happened and why and how the communities dealt with it […]

  • Tony Benn: Will and Testament (12A) Film Review

    Dir. Skip Kite, UK 2014, 90 mins Review by Carlie Newman Unusually Tony Benn is one of the few people – especially politicians – who became more left-wing as he grew older. As one of those quoted says in the film Will and Testament “He immatures with age.” In this documentary we are shown Benn’s […]

  • Salome & Wilde Salome (15) | Film Review | One Night Only, 21st Sept

    Al Pacino and Oscar Wilde may seem like uneasy bedfellows, but as he makes clear in this long-gestating double feature, Pacino has been obsessed by Wilde’s transgressive stage play since seeing Steven Berkhoff’s slow-mo version of Salomé in London in 1988. These two films are a record of where that obsession took Pacino.

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