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  • The Double (15) Home Entertainment Review

    The Double is a beautifully off beat and yet darkly claustrophobic Orwellian nightmare, channelling some of the more abstract elements of Brazil, Hudsucker Proxy and 1984. In the script, also written by Ayoade and Avi Korine, Big Brother has been replaced by the overbearing and sloganeering presence of The Colonel (James Fox). Head of a dour data processing company, full of semi-industrial brown and orange infrastructure and outmoded 70s computer technology.

  • Downhill (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Four old friends reunite for a walking holiday that takes them 192 miles from St Bee’s in Cumbria to Robin Hood Bay in North Yorkshire. Spurred on by his wife’s accusation that the trip is just “an excuse for a massive piss up”, self-appointed leader Gordon (Lumsden – Sightseers) attempts to march his not-so-merry men who include a stonemason harbouring a secret

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (12A) Film Review

    Dir. Matt Reeves, US, 2014, 130 mins Cast: Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Toby Kebbell Review by Dan Collacott 2011 saw the release of Rupert Wyatt’s hugely acclaimed monkey reboot, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Three years on and Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) has taken over director duties for the sequel. Ten years […]

  • Goltzius and the Pelican Company (18) Film Review

    Dir. Peter Greenaway, UK/Netherlands/France/Croatia, 2012, 128 mins, in English and Dutch with subtitles Cast: Ramsey Nasr, F. Murray Abraham, Anne Louise Hassing, Halina Reijn, Kate Moran Review by Colin Dibben Tense, erotic, smart, luxuriant – with this hi-concept thriller, Peter Greenaway dishes up the perfect mix of sex, intrigue and art history. It is 1590: […]

  • Expecting (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Expecting is a candid comic drama, which centres on John and Lizzie’s inability to conceive a child and the reckless best friend Andie (played by the brilliant Michelle Monaghan), who’s accidentally impregnated during a one-night stand. So what’s their solution? Yes, you got it. Andie decides to give her baby away to her BFF, but first, Lizzie must convince her disgruntled realtor husband of the arrangement.

  • Cold in July (15) Film Review

    Dir. Jim Mickle, US, 2013, 109 mins Cast: Michael C. Hall, Don Johnson, Sam Shepard, Vinessa Shaw Review by Colin Dibben Jim Mickle continues his series of deft and intriguing ‘revisionings’ of genre film styles (Stake Land – western, We Are What We Are – horror/ Hitchcockian suspense) with this brilliantly grimy, low key Texas […]

  • Restless (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Writer William Boyd is not only a major British literary figure. His novels are also immensely readable. He has adapted several of them for cinema and television, which have met with varying degrees of critical and box office success. They include Stars and Bars, Mr Johnson, The Trench which starred Daniel Craig as a tough World War I sergeant and for television Any Human Heart, the highly praised social epic which traces one man’s life through the twentieth century.

  • Gagarin (Pervyy v kosmose) (12) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Pavel Parkhomenko, Russia, 2013, 108 mins, in Russian with English subtitles Cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Mikhail Filippov, Olga Ivanova, Vadim Michman Review by Laura Graham Any film fan will have noticed the recent increase in Russian films about heroic moments in history. Although clearly part of Putin’s propaganda drive, this one stands out as a […]

  • Jersey Boys (15) Film Review

    Set in post-war New Jersey, itf th follows the rise of three small time hoodlums, who with the help of a fourth, squeaky clean member, go on to dominate five decades of music with some oe catchiest songs you never knew were by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.