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  • Divergent (12A) Film Review

    Some of the best science fiction takes elements of contemporary society and projects their possible consequences into the future. Huxley did it with Brave New World, Orwell with 1984 and to cite a couple of movies, so did Gattaca (genetic discrimination) and the recent technological love story Her

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (12A) Film Review

    This is the latest in the Marvel comics big screen extravaganzas, 3D and all, and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Lots of action and spectacular special effects, a few starry names and not a lot of subtlety.

  • The Machine (15) Film Review

    What is the definition of being "alive"? When does artificial intelligence simply become...intelligence? If these questions sound familiar to you, it's because they probably are. They've been pondered in one of any number of movies you'll have seen if you've even a passing interest in science fiction.

  • Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz (18) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Kieran Parker, UK, 2013, 84 mins, in English Cast: Bryan Larkin, Ivan Kamaras, Michael McKell, Velibor Topic, Laurence Possa, Ben Lambert, Alec Utgoff, Vince Doherty, Gareth Morrison Review by Laura Graham As everyone knows from Ultimate Warriors, the most deadly and feared fighting force is the Russian Spetsnaz. They are the epitome of Stalin’s […]

  • Under the Skin (18) Film Review

    An unsettling, ambiguous and beautiful movie from the director of Sexy Beast – think The Man Who Fell To Earth crossed with a Bill Douglas film. The ET here is in female form: Scarlett Johansson drives around Glasgow and environs picking up solo men and taking them to derelict premises.

  • Frankenstein: The True Story (12) Home Entertainment Review

    Frankenstein: The True Story is a 180 minute, 1970s kitsch-but-not-cool example of how not to adapt a novel to the screen. Sure it sticks to the bare bones of the story (there’s a bloke called Frankenstein who dicks around with reanimating dead people) but that’s about it.

  • Ender’s Game (12A) Home Entertainment Review

    Before you even reach the features menu on the Ender’s Game Blu-ray, you are sharply reminded of the commercial failure of its theatrical run by the inclusion of a trailer for Divergent, the latest attempt to launch a Hunger Games/Twilight sized franchise adapted from popular young adult literature. This home entertainment platform gives a second chance to Tsotsi (2005) director, Gavin Hood’s take on Orson Scott Card’s successful series of science-fiction novels

  • Europa Report (12) Home Entertainment Review

    Gravity casts a long shadow. That's probably such a nonsensical, non-science sentence it'll send Isaac Newton into the type of underground rotation that could threaten the Crossrail development, but by popular assent the Bullock-Clooney behemoth has taken science fiction movies into a new stratosphere. There's another one, sorry Isaac.

  • Gravity (12A) | Home Entertainment Review

    The film opens with rookie astronaut Ryan Stone (Bullock) and seasoned space veteran Matt Kowalski (Clooney), as they attempt to service the Hubble Telescope.

  • Frost (15) Home Entertainment Review

    'Found footage' films are certainly polarising. Though Wikipedia tells us the genre was born with Cannibal Holocaust in 1980, the creepy duo of 1998's The Last Broadcast and The Blair Witch Project of the following year were the first serious popularisation of the shaky-handed style of movie-making. The latter was a massive hit, and yet among the quartet I myself watched the movie with, two loved it and two loathed it.