Close-Up Film Services

Close-Up Film is delighted to announce that it is now offering a range of solutions and services to suit all budgets...

Web & Writing Services 

Close-Up Film is pleased to be able to offer the following services:

  • Web design & customisation
  • Web management
  • Social media management
  • Proof-reading
  • Copy-writing

We have 18 years experience and fully understand your needs, as we've been there ourselves.  Besides the Close-Up Film website, our team designed and manages the following websites:

D-Media Network

Show Film First

Millionth Monkey's Movie


Clockwork Orange

Pretty Petals Florists

Sandwell Lions Club

We offer competitive prices for bespoke designs and functionality to suit your needs and budget.  So please drop us a line, in the first instance, to, to tell us what you're looking for and we'll give you a call and no obligation quote.


Close-Up Film is now offering advertising opportunities on the website at a very reasonable price, starting at just £50 per month.

Those who support us now will be eligible for a 15% discount when our prices increase as our figures increase, for up to a period of six months. Plus, we’ll also put out tweets to our 1,696 Twitter followers at no extra cost.

Full details are below. If you are thinking of advertising, please do get in touch and I’m sure we can make you an offer you can’t refuse! You’ll be helping Close-Up Film and our developments enormously and in return we’ll make sure we give you as much exposure, support and profile as we can. Drop us a line at and we’ll be more than happy to discuss – no obligation!

Ad Spots Available

Header - Appears on every page/post. Standard size - leaderboard 728 x 90 or Super Leaderboard 928 x 90

Left sidebar – Appears on every page/post - standard size medium - rectangle 300 x 250

Right sidebar - Appears on every page/post - standard size medium - rectangle 300 x 250

Innertop  - Appears on homepage & landing pages only - standard size - banner 468 x 60

Innerbottom - Appears on homepage & landing pages only - standard size - banner 468 x 60

Footer 1 - Varies from one ad @ 1300px wide to four 300px ads. Appears on every page/ post - varies between leaderboard to medium rectangle

Please note: We do not accept material that is illegal, offensive or of an adult or gambling nature.

Take a look at our stats.  


We have up to six advertorial spots available.  These are displayed on a central slider on the homepage, with a direct link through to a full page.   You may supply your own copy or we can edit or write copy at an extra cost. Please email


We have thought long and hard about the ethics of this.  Close-Up Film receives a high volume of unsolicited titles for review and cannot accommodate all requests.  However, we realise there is a demand and we are pleased to offer a limited, paid service, at the cost of £20 per short film (30 mins or less) review, £30 for a feature. This does not apply to theatrical & official DVD releases and certain other titles. It is aimed at filmmakers who are seeking to promote their film and raise their profile, possibly prior to festival entry. By submitting your film for paid review you accept that:

(a) Close-Up Film has a duty to be honest with its audience, so we will not say a film is fantastic if it isn't.  However, we will give you an in-depth, considered review, highlighting the good points and providing constructive criticism where necessary - our aim is to support you.  We will then publish on Close-Up Film, link to imdb, and tweet to our twitter followers.  We will also be happy to supply ongoing updates to our audience, at no extra cost, if you supply copy.

(b) Close-Up Film is under no obligation to accept your submission.  Films should be of exhibition standard i.e. that it well shot, demonstrates an understanding of film conventions, and will be of interest to an intended audience.  If we do not feel a film meets this criteria it will not be accepted.  We will, however, give reasons why, without any charge.

(C) The review will carry a line at the bottom stating: "This is a paid but honest review from Close-Up Film. We only accept paid submissions from filmmakers we believe have the talent or potential to be of interest to audiences."

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