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Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

She’s So Giallo: Women of 1970s Italian Thrillers

At Barbican Cinema, Barbican Centre

Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

Box Office - 0845 120 7527


For roughly eight years, the giallo – this quintessentially Italian genre – stacked up the bodies, scattered red herrings and oozed style before fading away, nearly forgotten by the general public, though later it would inspire the likes of Quentin Tarantino, William Friedkin and Nicholas Winding Refn. Mixing the super-suave
with the super-sexy, set and costume designers went wild as a new generation of hypersexual leading ladies commandeered the screen. She’s So Giallo is conceived as a tribute to the leading ladies of the giallo and as a challenge to the genre’s reputation for unrepentant misogyny. Presented on rare 16mm and 35mm prints and curated by Cigarette Burns Cinema, the season showcases four classic and rarely screened examples of vintage Italian horror.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (15)

+ Introduction by Alan Jones

Tue 7 Jun 8.30pm, Cinema 3

(Italy/France 1972 Dir Dario Argento 104 min)

Roberto (Michael Brandon), a drummer in a rock band, finds himself embroiled in a nightmare when he is framed for killing a mysterious man who has been stalking him. But Roberto’s troubles get worse when he’s blackmailed by an unknown killer who is knocking off his friends, one by one. Featuring a playful score by Ennio Morricone, this suspense-filled drama has rightly cemented itself as one of Dario Argento's greatest giallo features.

One on Top of the Other (18*)

Tue 14 Jun 8.30pm, Cinema 3

(Italy/Spain/France 1969 Dir Lucio Fulci 97 min)

This rarely seen thriller from Lucio Fulci draws us into a sexy and deceitful world - did a doctor kill his wife? That’s the question hanging over Dr George Dumurrier (Jean Sorel), when his wife Susan dies suddenly, after a large life insurance policy was taken out in her name. Under police suspicion, George starts to question his sanity when he encounters stripper, Monica (Marisa Mell), who looks remarkably like Susan…

The Frightened Woman (18)

+ Introduction by Virginie Sélavy

Wed 22 Jun 8.30pm, Cinema 3 

(Italy 1969 Dir Piero Schivazappa 108 min)

Philippe Leroy stars as Dr Sayer, a rich philanthropist who has a dark secret to hide in Pietro Schivazappa’s pop art thriller. When Maria (Dagmar Lassander), a journalist, drops by Sayer's mansion to pick up some documents, she soon finds herself victim to his unpleasant and degrading games. But the tables are turned as Maria subverts the doctor's game and becomes the manipulator.

We're delighted to have Virginie Sélavy, editor of Electric Sheep Magazine, introduce this screening. 

All the Colors of the Dark (18*)

Tue 28 Jun 8.30pm, Cinema 3      

(Italy/Spain 1972 Dir Sergio Martino 94 min)

The remarkable Edwige Fenech stars in this psychedelic, gloriously OTT London-set giallo as Jane Harrison. Jane is troubled and traumatised, living with the memory of her murdered mother and the misfortune of losing her unborn child in a car accident. When she seeks help to deal with her emotional problems, she is unwittingly captured by a satanic cult and forced to conduct murders on their behalf. Or is it all in her head?


Ticket prices: Box Office: 0845 120 7527

* Local Classification

# Certificate to be confirmed

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