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Articles Posted in the " 2010 " Category

  • Kidnapped (Secuestrados) (18)

    Dir. Miguel Angel Vivas, Spain, 2010, 82 mins, in Spanish with English subtitles Cast: Fernando Cayo, Ana Wagener, Dritan Biba Review by Colin Dibben A brutal home invasion movie that is as credible as it is stylish and violent. A man wakes up in woodland with his hands tied behind his back and his bloodied […]

  • Peacock (12) | Home Entertainment Review

    Psycho meets a Preston Sturges movie in this intriguing cross-dressing, multiple personality, early 1960s-set small-town America drama. Cillian Murphy looks very fetching indeed in a dark wig and full-length dress!

  • DiDi Hollywood (15) | DVD Review

    Sold as an allegory of how Latin actresses are treated in Hollywood, you cannot help but feel sorry for the lead actress in DiDi Hollywood

  • Klown (18) | Film Review

    It’s not all moody noir coming out of Denmark: this exceptional and extreme sex- and-childcare comedy needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Happiness Runs (15) | Close-Up Film DVD Review

    Dir: Adam Sherman, USA, 2010, 88 mins Cast: Mark L. Strong, Joni Barth, Kirsten Berman, Mark Boone Junior, Joseph Castanon, Andie Macdowell, Rutger Hauer Review by Laura Graham Remember when religious cults were cool? All full of hope and principles of freedom. Cut to twenty years later, and the teenagers in a commune start to […]

  • Sacrifice (15) | Close-Up Film DVD Review

    Dir: Chen Kaige, China, 2010, 128 mins, in Cantonese with English subtitles Cast: Wang Xueqi, Ge You, Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing Review By James Arthur Armstrong From one of China’s most influential directors, Sacrifice is an engrossing tale. Centred around retribution and obsession, Chen Kaige delivers an intimate historical drama set during a uproarious period in Chinese […]

  • Do Elephants Pray? (15) | Close-Up Film DVDReview

    Dir. Paul Hills, UK, 2010, 105 mins Cast: Jonnie Hurn, Julie Dray, Marc Warren, Rosie Fellner, Grace Vallorani Review by Colin Dibben A stressed out ad man’s imaginary friend takes him on a journey to pagan Brittany to lose and find himself in this teasing New Age romp. Callum (Hurn, who also wrote the screenplay) […]

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