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Articles Posted in the " Barbara Murray " Category

  • Interview: Barbara Murray Talks About Passport To Pimlico

    It's a very strange tale, to tell the honest truth. When someone is testing for a part, they often need someone to stooge for them; to stand with their back to the camera and feed the lines. I was under contract to Rank

  • Passport to Pimlico (U) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. Henry Cornelius, UK, 1949, 84 mins. Cast:Stanley Holloway, Hermione Baddeley, Betty Warren, Barbara Murray, Paul Dupuis, John Slater Review by Adam Hollingworth  Despite a post-opening titles sequence which dedicates the film to the memory of rationing, a very recent memory and for many still a reality in 1949, Passport to Pimlico seems a far cry […]

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