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  • The Last Keepers (12A) Home Entertainment Review

    When The Last Keepers lands in your DVD player with a promise of magic, love and a strong family bond, you may tend to think big with special effects and big screen possibility – something along the lines of Harry Potter or The Craft, when in fact, think more along the lines of Practical Magic.

  • Shady Out on DVD March 24th, 2014

    Ryohei Watanabe’s debut film concerns two teenage girls and their friendships. The first friend is Misa, a stocky girl who is viciously dubbed Pooh at school, due to her surname “Kumada” (bear + rice paddy) and masculine frame. The other friend is Izumi, who says she can’t make and keep friends because all the other […]

  • Lubitsch In Berlin Released 10 February 2014.

    Eureka! Entertainment have announced that they will be re-releasing their LUBITSCH IN BERLIN (Fairy-Tales, Melodramas, and Sex Comedies) Box Set  in new slim line packaging on 10 February 2014. Before he arrived in Hollywood to leave his indelible (and inimitable) mark on timeless comedies like Trouble in Paradise and The Shop Around the Corner, Ernst Lubitsch […]

  • Riddick – First 10 Mintues Sneak Preview

    On DVD & Blu-ray 13th January 2014. Action superstar Vin Diesel returns as Riddick in one of Hollywood’s most anticipated sequels. From killer to most wanted, Riddick’s story continues in this high octane action packed adventure that will blast viewers into space in an exceptional addition to one of the hottest sci-fi franchises around. Having […]

  • New Book Celebrates UK’s Most-Loved ‘Unknown’ Films

    British Films 1944-1973 – Another World: New Book Celebrates UK’s Most-Loved ‘Unknown’ Films. Andy Coleby’s entertaining and insightful new book offers reviews and definitive facts on Britain’s unsung classics of the silver screen. Spanning a thirty-year period and calling on the author’s unquestionable authority on British film, the book has already attracted rave reviews – […]

  • Emma Watson Turns Down Movie Roles To Study

    Emma Watson is reportedly so busy studying for her final exams at university that she has been forced to turn down film roles. The actress, 23, who is in her last year of her English degree at America’s Brown University in Rhode Island, has been busy revising for her exams. A source told the Daily […]