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  • Two Days, One Night (15) Film Review

    Dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium, 2014, 95 mins, in French with English subtitles Cast: Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione Review by Colin Dibben A brilliantly stripped-down, pared-back ethical drama that explores issues of personal and collective choice with a lightness that’s utterly invigorating. Late on a Friday afternoon, Sandra (Cotillard), recovering at home from depression, […]

  • Cambridge Film Festival announces full programme line-up – 28 August – 7 September

    The Cambridge Film Festival, the UK’s third longest-running film festival returns for its 34th edition, 28th August – 7th September 2014 at the Arts Picturehouse and other venues across Cambridge. One of the UK’s most prestigious and well-respected film festivals, with a growing international reputation, the Cambridge Film Festival is operated by the charitable Cambridge […]

  • The Trials of Cate McCall (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Karen Moncrieff, US, 2014, 94 mins Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte, James Cromwell, Anna Anissimova, Taye Diggs, Clancy Brown and Isaiah Washington. Review by Anthony Lowery Forced to partake in this character study but far from sharing the same voyeuristic pleasures of T.S. Eliot, Karen Moncrieff’s courtroom drama invites us to observe the life […]

  • A Farewell To Arms (PG) Film Review

    This year marks two important anniversaries: the centenary of the outbreak of World War I and the 80th birthday of the notoriously rigid Hays Code (or at least the 80th birthday of its actual enforcement) in the classic Hollywood movie industry. Both events spelled disaster in different ways; the former resulted in the death and suffering of millions while the latter imposed a deathly grip on creative freedom of expression in Hollywood movies – a grip that did not start to ease until the 1960s.

  • A Million Ways to Die in the West (15) Film Review

    MacFarlane plays cowardly but big hearted sheep farmer Albert. In the first act his girlfriend Louise (Seyfried) dumps him - following a bungled gun fight - for local moustache shop owner Foy (Harris, typically being his brilliant self). Down on his luck but determined to win Louise back, Albert finds help and friendship in Anna

  • With The Release of THE INFORMANT, We Take A Look At A Decade Of French Film

    French film will always be considered as the most stylish and influential of the cinematic cannon. In the late 50s through to the 60s Hollywood took note from the iconic and artistic films of the French New Wave, which taught America how to be simultaneously intellectually engaging, politically provocative and visually beautiful. While the popularity […]

  • China Filmco Ltd and Paramount Pictures to Co-Produce Fantasy Action Movie “Marco Polo”

    As the Beijing International Film Festival commences, China Filmco Ltd “CFC” announced its plans to co-produce with Paramount Pictures a new 3D fantasy/action movie “Marco Polo”. The movie is planned to start shooting later this year in conjunction with Yuehua Entertainment, Phoenix Entertainment, and Huahua Film & Media Culture. At the official signing ceremony in […]

  • Gagarin – First In Space On DVD from Monday 23rd June 2014

    An emotional and incredible true story of a man’s determination and struggle to become the first human being to journey into outer space. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO? In 1961 Yuri Gagarin blasted off from Vostok, Russia to become the first man in space. It was a mission fraught with danger as he rocketed into […]

  • The Last Keepers (12A) Home Entertainment Review

    When The Last Keepers lands in your DVD player with a promise of magic, love and a strong family bond, you may tend to think big with special effects and big screen possibility – something along the lines of Harry Potter or The Craft, when in fact, think more along the lines of Practical Magic.