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  • The nominations for the 2015 BAFTAs

    The nominations for the 2015 BAFTAs were announced this morning, 9th January, by Stephen Fry & Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games, Love Rosie) and it’s looking like a vintage year. A slight but delightful surprise is that Wes Anderson’s THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL leads the way with no less than 11 nominations, including Best Film, […]

  • National Gallery (12A) Film Review

    Dir: Frederick Wiseman, USA, 2014, 181 minutes Review by Leilani Holmes The National Gallery fully frames one entire side of London's Living Room (Trafalgar Square) and its physical position there as much as its position as one of the foremost art collections in the world is how we enter this extraordinary film where American director […]

  • London Short Film Festival & Filmphonics: HAXAN, WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (live score) Jan 10th.

    For a  London Short Film Festival 2015 special event, Filmphonics presents Jersey based artists Semu Ca, bringing together drone rock soundscapes and a unique one-off classic of silent cinema, performing a live score to  ‘Haxan, Witchcraft Through The Ages’, as premiered at the 2014 Branchage Festival.   HAXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (Benjamin Christensen, Sweden 1922) […]

  • Stephen Fry woofs up a Twitter storm for crowdfunded monster dog animation.

    Monsters, zombie cats, dognappers! Welcome to the world of Scampenstein – a great animated film that you get to help make! Scampenstein is the story of twin puppies Rocky and Scamp. When Dr. Frankenstein’s great grandson Victor’s henchmen dognap Scamp, Rocky sets out to rescue him, enlisting the help of Scruffy – the streetwise leader […]

  • We Still Kill the Old Way (18) – Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Sacha Bennett, UK, 2014, 94 mins Cast: Ian Ogilvy, Alison Doody, Danny-Boy Hatchard, Chris Ellison, Lysette Anthony, Tony Denham, Nicky Henderson, James Cosmo, Steven Berkoff, Dani Dyer Review by Daniel Woburn The latest in a long line of low-budget British gangster flicks, We Still Kill the Old Way will please as long as you […]

  • The Guvnors (15) Home Entertainment Review

    Dir. Gabe Turner, UK, 2014, 95 mins Cast: Lee Nicholas Harris, Jay Simpson, Vas Blackwood Review by Benedict Seal   Gabe Turner’s (director – In the Hands of The Gods and The Class of ’92) entry into the British hooligan thriller genre, The Guvnors, opens with old-hand, Mitch (Doug Allen), facing down up-start, Adam (Rizzle […]

  • Electricity (15) Film Review

    Dir. Bryn Higgins, UK, 2014, 96 mins Cast: Agyness Deyn, Lenora Crichlow, Christian Cooke Review by Matt Thomas Disability in cinema is hugely underrepresented, with such characters often relegated to supporting roles, only to be cast in starring roles when there’s a chance of Oscar glory. Always portrayed as extraordinary characters in spite of their […]

  • I Am Ali (PG) | Close-Up Film Review

    Dir. Clare Lewins, UK/USA, 2014, 111 mins Review by Carlie Newman Surprisingly, director Clare Lewins has managed to find a lot of new material about the great boxer Muhammad Ali to put into this film. So much has been written about him and even films made that it looked as though everything that could have […]

  • I Am Ali Interview

    Carlie Newman meets Muhammad Ali's daughters Maryam & Hana and director of I Am Ali Clare Lewins. Unprecedented access to Muhammad Ali's personal archive of "audio journals" as well as interviews and testimonials from his inner circle of family and friends are used to tell the legend's life story. In Cinemas 28th November 2014

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