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Man with a Movie Camera (U) | Close-Up Film Review


There can be few films that give off as much frenetic energy as Dziga Vertov’s 1929 masterpiece, Man with a Movie Camera. This week we have not only the cinema release of a dazzling restoration – which features a superb percussive soundtrack by Alloy Orchestra, based on Vertov’s own instructions; but also a Blu-ray version of a previous, also dazzling […]

Cub (Welp) (15) | Close-Up Film Review


Flemish filmmaker Jonas Govaerts debut feature Cub focuses on a group of scouts on a typical woodland camping expedition. But these are no ordinary woods and our impressionable young lead Sam (Maurice Luijten) is no ordinary boy. The aforemetioned 12 year old is joined by three cub scout leaders in their mid-twenties, the mischievous and immature Baloo – Peter (Stef Aerts), […]

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (12A) | Close-Up Film Review


When you say “Mission Impossible 5” it engineers a universal reaction of “my God, really??”. The expectation is that, surely there should be no gas left in the tank by this point, that any film well into its second trilogy should be some awful exercise in printing money based on brand recognition. Not so with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation; leave […]

Maggie (15) | Close-Up Film Review


Henry Hobson’s moody zombie-indie has so much atmosphere going for it that it’s almost suffocating. When Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wade Vogel has to burn his crops to prevent the threat of infection, the acrid smoke comes straight through the screen and pours itself up into your nostrils. As his infected, teenage daughter, the titular Maggie (Breslin), chops off one of her […]

Miss Meadows (15) | Home Ents Review

Miss Meadows (15)

Perhaps a series of indie movies and pet projects have passed me by, but it seems to me that Katie Holmes has been relatively quiet since she escaped the clutches of the religion that cannot be named for fear of staggering legal bills. One way to shed the unwanted image she garnered during her ill-fated trip to the realm of […]

Quatermass (15) | Home Ents Review


This new restoration of the 1978 drama series Quatermass lets fans of Nigel Kneale’s thoroughly Post-War British character revisit the final trajectory of his story arc – to mix rocketry and scriptwriting tropes in an awfully appropriate fashion. In case you didn’t know, Bernard Quatermass is a fictional British rocket scientist, created by Nigel Kneale in the early 50s. In […]

Southpaw (15) | Close-Up Film Review


Straight off the bat, Southpaw is not the next Rocky, nor Raging Bull. The reason for that is simple; there have been forty years of boxing-related movies since Rocky and Raging Bull. That’s not to say there’s been some sort of smorgasbord, or overload, of boxing movies; simply that there have been some, and perhaps other cases where someone has […]

Eden (15) | Close-Up Film Review


  Mia Hansen-Løve follows up Goodbye First Love and Father of My Children with another effortlessly cool, immensely watchable film with an autobiographical element. But in Eden, she is also telling the story of her generation of French electronica DJs and fans, from the 1990s to now. Paul (de Givry) is taking his first steps as a Parisian DJ. With […]

Ruth and Alex (12A) | Film Review

Ruth and Alex

Ruth and Alex have lived in the same charming and homely Brooklyn apartment for some 40 years.   But now they are older, the fact that their beloved apartment is five floors up is beginning to be an issue.  So they decide to think about relocating – which brings them into the modern world of the New York property market, where things are a lot […]

The Legend of Barney Thomson (15) | Film Review


Carlyle’s feature film debut as a director, in which he also takes the title role, is an interesting exercise in grand guignol black farce, which doesn’t quite find a unifying style but has some very funny elements and considerable entertainment value. Barney is a Glasgow barber with a boring little life, who stumbles into a serial killer investigation and then by accident […]

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